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Quality House Painting Services

Khushi Interiors helps you transform your home with color. If it’s a complete house repaint, an eye-catching accent wall, or anything in between, we will handle it. Our local and professional house painters can paint houses and apartments of all shapes and sizes, interior and exterior. A team of house painters and your selected paint color will be ready within days of booking!

You’ll love how new paint transforms your home or business. We want you to have the best experience as we help your property come to life. Your local Khushi Interior Painters® team strives to deliver on our promise of care and quality.



    Waterproofing paint for exterior walls
    Exterior Painting

    Whether your house is in dire need of paint or your front porch just needs a maintenance coat of stain, our professionals are experienced in handling just about any exterior paint or stain project.

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    Waterproofing paint for exterior walls
    Interior Painting

    Your home is your sanctuary, and getting the interior painted is a big deal. Our team is here to help-From selecting the perfect paint color to apply the final
    coat, we’ve got you covered.

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    House painters in Gurgaon
    Metal Painting

    Metal paints help protect metals from corrosion by forming a protective layer and giving them a nice shine. We at Khushi interiors refurbish your metal items at home.

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    Home painting services in Gurgaon
    Wood Painting

    We do all types of furniture polish. We top the list when it comes to wood spray painting. This involves sanding, filling, staining and hand polish. This gives wooden surface protection layer and shining surface.

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