Frequently Asked Question


1. What is KhushiInterioirs?  is the easiest way to paint your home or office, bringing in technology, automation, and service guarantee. KhushiInterioirs manages the entire process online, from paint selection to quotes to service booking, project management, and payment. We, at KhushiInterioirs, are on a mission to revolutionize the way homes get painted.

2. What kind of painting jobs you offer?

We provide an end to end 1. Interior Painting 2. Exterior Painting 3. Wood Finishes ( Paint & Polish ) 4.Metal Painting 5. Textures 6. Stencils 7. Wall Arts 8. Wall Paper 9. Waterproofing 10. Cleaning Services

When it comes to painting, we take pride in saying we know in and out. Give us any design/image, we recreate them on the walls – Pixel Perfect. You also have the flexibility of choosing over a wide range of products from the brands like Asian Paints, Berger, Dulux, Nerolac, Dr Fixit, Fosroc, Marshalls, Sanmarco.

3. What is the overall procedure once I place a contact request?

You will receive a call from us very soon. Then as per your comfort, we schedule a visit at your site and our qualified engineers will guide you with all your requirements along with helping you choose the right product, keeping your budget intact. Further, you get an email with completely customized quotation on the same day (in the best of situations). View your quotation, along with detailed measurements on your dashboard. We are always available, should you need any clarification or further customization.

4. Why KhushiInterioirs and not any local painter?

We are true to our work and words. We do not charge a lump sum. We measure exact square feet. Use the exact materials promised. And yes, we deliver on time, always. All of KhushiInterioir’s painters are trained and background checked, and there is a full team of project managers to guarantee job completion and satisfaction.

5. Is there any consultancy/visit charge?

It’s Absolutely Free. Expert assistance is just a click/call away.

6. What are the payment terms?

Pay as you go. Payment milestones are 40 percent in advance, the next 40 percent when we are through while you pay the last 20 percent once we have satisfactorily delivered the service to you. Assuring you a hassle-free painting service and experience.

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