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Home is where the heart is but what if your home needs a bit of touching up? If it's time for a new paint job and you're looking for quality painters in Gurgaon, you’ve come to the right place. Or if you have a new space that you want to revamp into the product of your imagination.

Trust us to take care of any house painting services in Gurgaon, no matter how big or small. Exterior painting services, interior painting, waterproofing and wallpapering, and other painting services in Gurgaon are what we do best. Whether you live in Delhi-NCR or Gurgaon, you can always count on our experienced painters to get the job done right.

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At Khushi Interiors, we believe in the power of colors and their impact on human emotions. Armed with a team of professional painters, we ensure a rich painting experience for an overall transformational look of your homes.

Making sure that we adhere to your schedule and budget, our team at Khushi Interiors offers quality services at reasonable prices, using branded products and free unlimited color visualization. Recognized and awarded for our fine services and exceptional end results, we have earned our title as the top painting contractor in Gurgaon.

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Painting your home is an investment, not an expense. Khushi Interiors is not just about house painting services in Gurgaon. We are also family-oriented and provide professional help on any house project. We combine modern design with a clean, clutter-free lifestyle to ensure that every project created makes your home as comfortable as possible while retaining the style you have always desired.

We don't just produce nice pastel colors but also work wonders with our brush techniques. We make it our duty to clean and repair any part of the home before painting it over with appropriate colors and designs. As professional painting contractors and house painters in Gurgaon, it's our pleasure to take the time to talk about what your vision for your new colored walls can be.


    How Our House Painting Services in Gurgaon Works

    Wood painting services in Gurgaon

    Schedule a free onsite consultation by giving us a call

    Wood painting services in Gurgaon

    Get personalized design & color assistance to your living space

    Wood painting services in Gurgaon

    Watch on khushiinteriors's expert painters beautifully transform your space

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    Wood painting services in Gurgaon
    Wood painting services in Gurgaon
    Wood painting services in Gurgaon
    Wood painting services in Gurgaon
    Wood painting services in Gurgaon

    FAQ's: About House Painting Services in Gurgaon

    What is the cost of painting a house in Gurgaon?

    The cost of house painting services in Gurgaon may vary between Rs 10 per sq. ft and Rs 40 per sq. ft depending upon the area of the wall in your home. 

    What is the procedure for painting a new house?

    Applying Primer is the first step in the painting process. Then comes applying a putty coat 2 or 3 times which will smooth the surface to the walls. And at last, once putty is applied, the painting process will start.

    What is the standard procedure for re-painting?

    Procedure for re-painting the walls in your home includes:

    1. Surface Check: Checking and clearing any signs of seepage, dirt, oil stain, or paint feel-off by using various equipment like cloth, sandpaper, seepage plaster, and blades.  Sanding 
    2. Putty: Applied to fill the gaps of needle hole, tv wall mount, AC mount, cracks on the surface, and patches.  
    3. Sanding after putty: To level the surface of the wall.
    4. Primer 
    5. Paint 

    What are the factors affecting the cost of house painting serivces in Gurgaon?

    It is essential to prepare and clean your home before a painting project begins to warrant a  glassy and professional finish. Other factors that also affect the cost are the quality of paint,  type of paint, amount of paint, desired space, the complexity of designs, tools, and time. 

    What are the trending paint colors for home interiors in Gurgaon?

    7 cool new paint color trends that are rocking the painting industry are:

    1. Pantone 
    2. A fresh green 
    3. Earthy shades 
    4. Fresh colours like powder blue, peach, and olive 
    5. The shade of Irish coffee 
    6. Bottle green 
    7. All-white walls

    When should you get your House Painted in Gurgaon?

    Paint on walls should generally last for 5 years if it’s of standard quality. However, in regions  that experience heavy rainfall, exterior paints tend to wear off faster, leading to the early need of repainting your walls. 

    The best weather condition that powers up the painting  process is early summer and early fall, with minimal rain and minimal fluctuations in  temperature from day to night, so one must consider these weathers to get started with  painting your homes.

    What is Khushi Interiors?

    khushiinteriors.com is the easiest way to paint your home or office, bringing in technology, automation, and service guarantee. Khushi Interiors manages the entire painting process online, from paint selection to quotes to service booking, project management, and payment. We, at Khushi Interiors, are on a mission to revolutionize the way homes get painted.

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